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Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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This should be very interesting but I hope they are pre season games .

A potential return to Los Angeles dominated the headlines leading into the NFL Annual Meeting earlier this week. Inside the room, owners were apprised that the league is being just as aggressive beyond the borders of its home country.The NFL’s efforts in London are still at the forefront, to be sure, but are only part of the equation now as the league is moving to broaden its efforts internationally. As the league sees it, the next group of countries to zero in on are Mexico, Canada and China, and it won’t stop there.

“The work we’re doing now is to ask, ‘How do we accelerate the agenda in Mexico, Canada and China?'” said Mark Waller, NFL EVP, International. “Those would be our next stage, and we have offices in those three countries. And then, after those, where should be our focus? I think we’ve concluded that Brazil and Germany are the next two frontier markets, which is where the Pro Bowl idea comes from.”

The league has, indeed, considered moving the February 2017 Pro Bowl to Brazil, in an effort to introduce the game and its stars to the world’s fifth-largest populace. Germany, on the other hand, is developed as a football-watching public well beyond needing that, and will soon be in consideration for a regular-season game.