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The hip-hop community’s been having a hard time coping with the untimely death of Coke Boyz rapper Chinx Drugz, but nothing surpasses the pain his family and widow have been enduring since early Sunday morning.

The New York Daily News stopped by Chinx’s family home in Ozone Park, NYC to speak with the “Feelings” rapper’s widow Janelli Caceres. Clearly distraught, Chinx’s widow still can’t understand why anyone would want to kill the Queens rapper.

“I wish a slow torturous death on who ever did this to my baby,” Caceres stated. She also discussed how their 4-year-old son doesn’t understand that his father’s never coming back.

“It’s very hard, heartbreaking. It’s tragic. He didn’t die after an illness. He was murdered. It’s nothing that you can ever prepare for. We are just shocked….His daughters obviously know. There’s no hiding it from them. They are old enough to go on social media. His son also knows, but he doesn’t understand what it means. He just wants his father home. He’s asking for his father.”

To make things worse, there’s been some confusion online regarding who Chinx was involved in a relationship with at the time of his death, and unfortunately it’s caused some drama on social media – including on Malika Haqq‘s personal Instagram account.

Malika, who’s Khloe Kardashian’s best friend, was rumored to be dating Chinx at the time of his death, but Janelli Caceres’ family made it very clear that she was just Chinx’s “side” woman.

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Erica Mena, a longtime friend of Chinx, had her own point of view on the situation:

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Regardless of who was dating who and who was married or not, the reality is that Chinx is gone forever. Hopefully, Chinx’s widow, his family, and friends can find the peace they deserve.


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