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There’s a lot of new TV to watch and catch up on every night of the week, but for the last couple weeks at least the NBA Playoffs have been stealing the show. This year’s post-season has quickly shaped up to be one of the best in recent memory in a whole bunch of different ways.

Here are five reasons you really should be watching as much of each series as you can.

1. The Clippers vs. Spurs Series Was Better Than Mayweather vs. Pacquiao 

By the time Saturday (May 2) rolled around it was hard to imagine people were still even watching basketball given the media coverage and hoopla surrounding the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao “fight of the century.” Well, as it turns out, the fight was kind of a dud, which was not exactly unexpected among boxing fans. But for the rest of us at least, there was some hype left unattended to. Unless of course you watched the final game in the Clippers vs. Spurs series that same night. It was Game 7 in a hard-fought series and the whole 48 minutes featured way more back-and-forth than the entirety of #MayPac.

Unfortunately, the Clippers vs. Spurs series may go down as the best basketball of 2015. Even if it does, it’s proof that this year’s NBA playoffs have been top-notch from the jump.

Check out full highlights from Game 7 below.

2. Steph Curry, The Reigning NBA MVP…

Watching Steph Curry run the court is kind of like watching an incredible middle-school baller make a fool of his older classmates. It’s hard to understand where he gets the skill and it’s thrilling to root for a guy that seems like an underdog but is still obviously the best on the court. An Under Armour exec summed it up nicely in a recent interview,  saying, “He plays basketball like it’s a video game and someone young players can, and want to, emulate because of his size, handle, shot, strong work ethic, and basketball IQ.”

Whatever it is about him, Curry is the biggest star of the year and undeniably one of the league’s most entertaining players on the court.

Check out his buzzer beater against the Pelicans from last week that sent the game into overtime and reminded everyone why you don’t go to bed early on a playoff night.

3. Young Guys On The Rise

Steph Curry belongs in this camp, too, but there’s a handful of other young players in the playoffs currently more than earning their paychecks. The Spurs are already out but against the Clippers Kawhi Leonard reminded us why he’s still one of the most promising young players in the league. Meanwhile, Blake Griffin has been dunking all over the Rockets, Kyrie Irving is giving Lebron James a run for his money, and the Bulls’ Jimmy Butler has had a huge and extended breakout moment over the last few games. There’s a lot of younger players to keep track of but one thing is clear: we’re watching the future of the NBA slowly take over the league.

Check out Blake Griffin’s 180-degree block against the Celtics below for the type of exciting plays you can expect from the up-and-comers.

4. Headband Lebron Is Back

At 30-years old, a single stat sums up how good Lebron James continues to be in the playoffs: he’s now had 50 playoff games in which he’s scored 30 or more points and had five or more assists and rebounds. Think about that. For reference, that’s more playoff games than some teams have even played in! (The Pelicans, Timberwolves, and Raptors have all been in 50 playoff games or less.)

Recently, and during one of the biggest games of his season thus far, we saw the return of Lebron’s headband, which believe it or not is kind of a big deal. Take a look below.

5. Watch Shaq Fall Down

Shaq hasn’t been in the NBA for four years and yet there’s no getting away from him. After 19 years in the league the big man is now one of the funnier NBA analysts on TV, and that includes moments like this:


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