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This past weekend, the world got a front row seat to what was arguably the most anti-climatic boxing match in recent history. However, there was certainly no shortage of verbal TKOs on this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Although you might want to blame the drama on K. Michelle’s return, she actually wasn’t the one delivering the hard-hitting verbal blows.

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Round 1: Erica vs. Scrappy and his stacks

Erica visits her lawyer with an update on Scrappy’s lack of child support payments. She says Scrappy owes $45,000 for their daughter Emani and her lawyer suggests having Scrappy arrested for the unpaid child support. Erica says she’s conflicted about having Scrappy arrested due to his history with the law, but her lawyer warns that Scrappy will continue to evade paying his child support as long as Erica continues to let him get away with it.

106 & Park Live

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Round 2: Young Joc vs. Babymama Sina vs. Krazy KD

Sina shows up at one of Joc’s studio sessions (paid for by KD) to question him on where their relationship is headed. She admits that she wants her family back. KD shows up to “check on her investment” and appears eerily chipper to find Sina at the studio with Joc.  Joc recounts the last time KD and Sina were in the room together, which was when KD popped up at Sina’s house to find Joc there. Sina suggests that Joc tell KD the truth about the sexual nature of their current relationship but later becomes irate when Joc removes her from the studio session at KD’s request.

Love & Hip Hop Takeover

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Round 3: Stevie vs. Ride Or Die Joseline

Joseline accompanies Stevie as he goes to check into rehab. During the ride to the rehab facility, Stevie expresses to Joseline that he feels his drug addiction is turning him cold. Stevie says he feels he’s letting everyone down by not handling his addiction, and that his children and Joseline are the only things that make him truly happy.

Momma Dee

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Round 4: Momma Dee vs. Erica

Momma Dee visits Erica’s boutique and somberly informs her that Scrappy was served with court papers while they were enjoying priceless mother-son time at the strip club. Momma Dee also says that Scrappy believes he’s current on child support, which Erica thinks is untrue. Momma Dee tries to convince Erica that Scrappy can’t get her any money if he’s behind bars, but Erica says she’s tired of picking up Scrappy’s slack. Momma Dee continues to insist that Scrappy is an excellent father and tells Erica they’ll meet again in court.

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Round 5: Joseline And Her Jugs  vs. Motormouth Karlie Redd

Joseline says she wants to continue moving forward with business while Stevie is completing his 30 days of rehab. She hits the studio for rehearsal and Karlie Redd shows up just as she is taking a break. Joseline fills Karlie Redd in on her whereabouts since the reunion show and confirms that Stevie is in rehab. Karlie tells Joseline that her joint venture with Erica Dixon isn’t going as planned. Joseline says she isn’t surprised to hear that business with Erica isn’t going well before referring to her as a “broke b***h.” Joseline then changes the subject to her upcoming meeting with Mimi, who she calls an “idiot” for releasing a sex tape. She tells Karlie Redd that the only reason she agreed to meet with Mimi at Stevie’s request is because of her stepdaughter Eva.

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Round 6: Krazy KD vs. Babymama Sina

KD asks Sina to meet up so they can “hear each other out.” Sina says if meeting up with KD will help her get Joc back, she’s all for the meeting.  During their conversation, KD asks Sina if she and Joc are still sleeping together again. Sina tells KD that Joc is sleeping with her whenever he and KD are in a bad place. KD requests proof from Sina that she and Joc are still having sex as she says he insists that they are not sleeping together. After Sina says she doesn’t have any proof, KD tells her that she feels Sina needs to respect the fact that Joc is in a relationship. Sina says KD needs to control her man but also says she’s willing to do anything to get Joc back, including continuing to deal with him while he’s dating KD. (Much like KD continued to deal with Joc despite being fully aware of his relationship with Karlie.) Karma, anyone?

K. Michelle

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Round 7: Karlie Redd vs. K.Michelle vs. Jessica Dimepiece

Karlie Redd and K. Michelle meet up for drinks in Atlanta. K.Michelle also brings Jessica Dime along and the two reveal to Karlie Redd that they have a long-standing friendship because of their Memphis hometown connection. K. Michelle asks Karlie to introduce Jessica to “good people.” She says she doesn’t want Jessica to through what she went through with the other LHHATL women in Atlanta. Karlie tells a skeptical K.Michelle about Mimi’s new music management company with Stevie, which leads K.Michelle to question Mimi’s connection to music. She wonders out loud if Mimi makes beats “with her a** cheeks.” K. Michelle also suggests that Mimi is only entering into business with Stevie to hurt Joseline, before Karlie Redd also tells her that Stevie is in rehab. Jessica tells the ladies of her previous friendship with Joseline from their days at the strip club, but fears that they may bump heads in their present lives. Karlie invites the ladies to the opening of her store but cautions that the other ladies will be in attendance.

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Round 8: Mimi vs. Deb Antney

Mimi meets with Deb to get advice on how to deal with Nikko, who threatened to expose her if she doesn’t uphold their business contract and give him 25 percent of her book deal earnings. Deb criticizes Mimi for agreeing to enter to a contract with Nikko, but advises Mimi to instead write a short, uninteresting version of her books and give Nikko 25 percent of those earnings. Mimi informs Deb that Stevie is currently in rehab and also tells her that they’ve gone into business together. Deb questions the difference between Stevie and Nikko before asking Mimi why she would enter into business with Stevie. Mimi says their business is her way of getting what she needs from Stevie for their daughter Eva. Mimi remains briefly silent when Deb asks her whether or not she’s still in love with Stevie before quickly insisting that their current relationship is not personal. Mimi tells Deb that Stevie asked her to have a conversation with Joseline.

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Round 9: Rasheeda vs. Erica

Erica still feels bad about the situation with Scrappy, as well as the fact that she and Momma Dee are again on bad terms. She meets up with Rasheeda to fill her in on the situation. Rasheeda says she loves both Erica and Scrappy and is trying to stay as neutral as possible. Rasheeda tells Erica about her latest drama with Kirk and his new bedroom office.

Rasheeda says she’s ready to move forward with her business without Kirk. She then tells a surprised Erica about Karlie Redd’s grand opening of the store she and Erica were supposed to open together. Erica says she’s glad that she didn’t go into business with Karlie but is disappointed that Karlie didn’t talk to her if she was planning to move forward without her. Erica rounds out their convo by referring to Karlie as a “messy and trifling a** b****.”

106 & Park Live

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Round 10: Joc vs. Babymama Sina….Part II

Sina insists that she’s not vindictive but will still do whatever it takes to get her family back together. Knowing what will happen, she invites Joc over “to talk” so she can get the proof KD requested during their meet up.  She tells Joc that they are alone and he realizes that staying will likely get him in trouble. Sina steps out of the room and re-emerges in lingerie to Joc’s admiration. She begins to remove her lingerie and Joc feeds her chocolate-covered strawberries before later licking chocolate off of her big toe. They retreat to the bedroom and the cameras disappear.

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Round 11: Joseline vs. Mimi

Obliging Stevie’s pre-rehab request, Joseline and Mimi meet up for drinks. Joseline comes to the meeting intent on “acting like a lady,” while Mimi has plans to let Joseline know how she felt about her attacking her during the reunion show. The conversation immediately gets off to a bad start when Mimi disregards Joseline’s hello. Joseline then informs Mimi that a conversation can only take place if both people involved are speaking. Mimi tells Joseline that she’s the one who would rather resort to violence than communicating.

When Joseline plays dumb, Mimi says she didn’t come to play games and only agreed to meet with her because Stevie said she wanted to apologize. Joseline says that’s false and insists that she thought the reason for the meeting was for the two of them to talk about Eva. Mimi asks Joseline what causes her to get into physical altercations and Joseline pretends she never attacked Mimi.

The conversation turns disastrous when Joseline tries to tell Mimi that her constant name-calling is what triggers her anger and Mimi refuses to acknowledge her part in it all. Joseline then says the point she’s trying to make is that Mimi can’t say whatever she wants and expect for there to be no consequences. Mimi says she feels sorry for Joseline, who response by says she feels sorry for Mimi because she has no man and released a sex tape at age 42.   The conversation ends with Mimi leaving while hurling insults at Joseline on her way out.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Press Reception

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Round 12: Karlie vs. Erica and Rasheeda

Karlie Redd hosts the grand opening of her Merci Boutique clothing store. K. Michelle and Jessica Dime arrive to support the opening and she introduces them to her new business partner not named Erica Dixon. K. Michelle leaves just as Erica and Rasheeda arrive at the opening event. Rasheeda criticizes Karlie for not letting Erica know of her plans to move forward with another business partner. Karlie insists that she called Erica to talk things out but received no answer.

Erica congratulates Karlie’s new business partner but tells Karliethat she feels it was unprofessional and shady of Karlie not to inform her of her plans to open a store without her. Jessica Dime jumps into the conversation and accuses Erica and Rasheeda of showing up just to hate. Erica tells Jessica that her issue with Karlie has nothing to do with her and advises her to stay out of it. Jessica then turns her attention to Rasheeda, bringing up Rasheeda’s past altercation with K. Michelle.  Rasheeda responds by telling Jessica to “turn down” and pump her brakes.

Erica and Rasheeda knock over a few jewelry displays on their way out, which prompts Karlie’s business partner to approach them and insist that they keep their problems with Karlie away from her merchandise. The animated scene ends with Karlie firing shots at Rasheeda for not yet opening her own store.

Bonus Rounds

Stevie vs. Rehab

Stevie begins rehab and says he’s noticed physical, mental and spiritual changes in himself since beginning treatment. He prays with his therapist and the other rehab patients at the end of their group session.

Joseline vs. The Bridal Shop

Meanwhile as Stevie is making progress in rehab, Joseline tries on several wedding dresses and asks the boutique employees to get her drunk during the shopping process. She claims that she’s not sitting around moping because Stevie is in rehab.

We declare Joseline (for keeping her composure during her meeting with Mimi) and Deb Antney (for keeping it all too real with Mimi) the winners by unanimous decision.  See you next week!


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