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JJ's Inner City Retreat

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Hey! It’s JJ! I had the most phenomenal experience this weekend with a group called Houston Innovators.  These are a select group of people who strive to make the city of Houston a better place.

During this Inner City retreat we hopped on the MetroRail (Which I have only ridden twice during the rodeo) and discovered places that even Houstonians born and raised here had never seen! We traveled to places like the Japanese Garden in Hermann Park and saw other great pieces of art work in the park.  We stopped by a few restaurants in the city to hear how and why the owners created these unique places. We heard a powerful message on entrepreneurship with Marcus Davis (owner of the Breakfast Klub) while enjoying an amazing dinner from Reggae Hut.  We also heard from entrepreneurs like Rodney Perry who owns Green Seed Vegan about they blood, sweat and tears of turning your dream into a reality.

This Inner City Retreat was amazing. I got to meet some amazing people and spend time learning about this city that I love so much and the people who make it great!  Here are my pics below!

JJ’s Inner City Retreat
JJ's Inner City Retreat
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