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Wale "The Album About Nothing" Listening Session

Source: Renell Medrano / Renell Medrano via Atlantic Records

Wale and Jerry Seinfeld come from opposite fields in the entertainment world, but the two seem to be an unstoppable pairing.

Since the beginning of his career, the Gifted rapper has shown his appreciation and admiration for the former Seinfeld sitcom series, and was able to snag the comedian to do commentary on his recent projectThe Album About Nothing.

The two have become best friends in the last year, and Jerry revealed how it all happened to the NY Times, and how they both collaborated to give fans the number one album we’re currently bumping.

He told the outlet the story of how they met at one of Kerry’s shows:

I think I met him even before I knew about the mixtape. My wife was a fan and she plays his music in the house all the time. I liked it, too — I don’t spend much time putting together playlists, but that’s what’s nice about being in a family is people just inflict it on you. I absorb it that way.

So I had heard his name and then he came to a show and asked if he could say hello, so he came backstage. I thought he was a very charming young man. And then I heard about the mixtape, and he came up with the idea of doing the whole album. It just felt so offbeat and that’s what appeals to me.

He also explained why he chose to work with Wale, as opposed to other artists who incorporated a Seinfeld theme into their music:

This guy’s a real artist and I thought he would be inventive and creative with it as opposed to just pilot fishing, as I call it. You know how that little fish hangs onto the shark and just goes for the ride but doesn’t do any of the work?

Jerry revealed whether he gave any advice to Wale about success and fame:

That it’s irrelevant. It’s a fantastic byproduct of doing good work, but you have to keep it in its place. It’s like a dog — it’s gotta be trained. You can’t let this thing run all over the house.

He also commends Wale as an artist in the game right now:

It’s just whatever the kids play. They always want to know if I like it. I always like it or I don’t like it, but Wale, to me, he has a little bit of hypnotic sound in his voice.

There’s a richness to his emotion. When you listen to the music, you can feel what he’s feeling and I like that. Great singing always has that.

We love this friendship, and we hope to see it grow even more. What do you think of Jerry and Wale together?


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