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A new study found that  53% of six-year-olds have their own phone! Yahoo Parenting says the main reason parents gave their children a phone at such a young age was safety! And 31 percent said they want their child can get in touch with them at any time. My daughter is 8 and she has a cell phone.  I gave her my old phone when she was 7 and she lost it. But a year later I  got a new phone and once again gave her my old one again.  She hasn’t lost it…yet.  LOL. But it has been very helpful.  Many of her homework assignments at school are done by apps.  It helps that she is not on MY phone while trying to complete her work.  Plus, she is able to play educational games and watch her favorite shows Netflix.  But here are a few questions to ask…

Does your child really need it?

Do your child’s friends have phones?

Will your child agree to ground rules?

Answer the poll and share your thoughts!