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Rear view of a topless young woman leaning against a wall with her arm spread out

Source: Yuri Arcurs / Getty

In Argentina, a model decided to make a stand in the name of “ART”.
Paula Brindisi, 30 years old, is what we label as a “nude activists” that sees her nudity as “normal attitude”.
Paula’s action in being nude is to get people used to the nakedness. Make this something normal, an everyday sight you see at the corner store.
“It’s basically a photographic project that started in Barcelona and continued in Buenos Aires,” Paula to Central European News. “It picks up the reactions that people have when seeing someone naked doing the same things as people wearing clothes.”
Being nude shouldn’t always be portrayed as a sexual act, but as Paula explains, her goal is to get people to “drop their inhibitions and get naked.”
Paul also says, “It has to do with destroying prejudice. It has an artistic outcome, it expresses the reaction of people, it ridicules this sensation that people have in seeing someone naked.”
During her artist expressive walk, Paual said, “No one had anything against it. People told us we made their morning nicer and we even received two rounds of applause. They understood it as art.”
One of the random supporters that she came across was a male shopkeeper named Oliver Solorio. Solorio said, “I’m not sure I would insult people by showing off my rather portly figure, but I certainly don’t mind seeing her do it.”
What would you do if you witnessed art in this fashion? Would you find it sexual or would you see as art?

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