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From Dreamville to Crumbville

The first time I heard J. Cole, I became an instant fan. One day my roommate was playing a rap song where the rapper was seemingly describing a relationship with a girl named Sallie. He talked about being sorry for ignoring her calls now and reflecting on her sending him money every year while he was a broke college kid. However the more I listened, I realized that the Sallie who he was talking about was Sallie Mae (Student Loan Marketing Association). I remember being like Whoah!!!! That was really clever. After that moment I became obsessed with Cole and his music.

In January of 2010, Cole had his first Houston concert. I planned to attend however the concert was on my oldest son’s birthday weekend and he had other plans for me. So instead of attending the concert, I was at a skating rink full of teenagers. I felt cheated, disappointed & even angry. When I got home and checked social media, I saw everyone on twitter and facebook posting about how great the show was. I was NOT a happy camper so I went to bed! The next morning when I woke up, I picked up where I left off…on social media!! I saw a tweet from J. Cole’s fan club that said, “Who wants to see J. Cole for free in Austin?” I replied saying, I did (even though I was in Houston). They listed a group of twitter handles to follow for a chance to win the ticket (yes one). So of course I followed them all. A few hours later I get a call from an unknown number. When I answered, the person on the other end said, “This is Basik Karma from J Cole’s fan club, May I speak with @edubalicious (my twitter handle)?” I instantly started screaming even though I wasn’t sure if I won. I said, Yes!! This is she! She went on to explain that I won one ticket and that I would need to connect with the other fan who actually had the free ticket so I did. We spoke over the phone and she said she had to head to Austin right away but I was at church and I needed to make arrangements for my sons care while I was gone so I told her I would meet her there! I started making phone calls & secured arrangements for my sons. The next phone call was to my homie Juan Pierre because I did not want to make the drive to Austin by myself! He agreed to ride with me and while I waited for him to get to my house I decided to bake Cole cookies since his Birthday was only 5 days away! I baked two dozen chocolate chip cookies; one dozen with pecans and one dozen without…you know…just in case he had any nut allergies! Juan P. arrived and we hit the road! We were both a little leary about making the drive to meet a stranger for tickets that she may or may not have but we take the drive any way! We arrive in Austin & meet up with Desiree and she is SUPER cool!! I get the ticket from her and tell her that I made cookies for Cole but I don’t know how I was going to get them to him. She said she knew the promoter and walked me over and introduced me to him. He agreed to get the treats to Cole since he was chauffeuring him around while he was in town!! I was like, Perfect!! We went in to the concert and of course it was Great!!! All the way home, all I could think about is, I wonder if Cole liked his E-dub-a-licious Treats?!?!?! I sent out a tweet to Sascha s(the promoter) . and Cole saying that I hope he enjoyed his treats but only Sascha responded! I sent a couple more tweets out specifically to Cole and he finally responded tweeting “S/o to my fan @e_dub_a_licious for making me the best chocolate chip cookies!” I was too UBER stoked!!!

That tweet changed the game! I began to get followers from all over. By the end of the year, I had gained about 100 new followers and I was shipping my treats to over 7 different states! I was so grateful to Cole that when I heard that he was working on a his debut album called Coleworld: Sideline Story, I decided to create a Coleworld cookie. So I went into the lab and the ingredients came to me so effortlessly. There were 3 main ingredients; Lemon, white chocolate and peppermint. The lemon was because he was a yella bone, White Chocolate because he was bi-racial and peppermint because he was refreshing to the rap game! Then I created a contest to give away the Coleworld cookies on the album release date to Cole fans in Houston who posted a pic of them with their receipt and the CD. I know, I know…kinda cheesy!

However, Cole didn’t think so!! He thought it was clever and wanted me to describe the cookie to everyone who came into the greenroom. The response to the cookie was so positive that I decided to add the cookie to my menu. I couldn’t believe it! I really just wanted to share my craft with Cole like he shared his craft with me (and the rest of the world)! I never imagined that it would lead me to so many new Crumbheadz (customers) and opportunities!


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