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Is there a reason why fraternities just can’t behave their damn selves lately? After the SAE racist fiasco and a hazing incident at the University of Houston, now comes another frat, Penn State’s Kappa Delta Rho with unspeakable actions. The Penn State frat is under fire for having had two private Facebook accounts so they could post graphic photos of unconscious or sleeping women who were nude or half-clothed and in “explicit,” “humiliating” poses. Will the real men attending college please stand up?!

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Two months ago, KDR’s pig behavior was noticed by a female student at Penn State. She had discovered a disturbing photo of herself that linked back to the frat’s original account called “Covert Business Transactions.” (Oh please). That one was shut down, but KDR, determined to keep up the borderline revenge porn, created a “2.0” page. Considering “2.0” gained 144 members (of both current frat boys and alumni), an informant of KDR tipped off police with screenshots.

From the early stages of investigation, more inappropriate pictures of women passed out and of drugs and hazing were found. This week it was a wrap for KDR and the frat was officially suspended for the rest of 2015.

Eric Barron, Penn State University’s President, in press conference assured that aside from the matter being possibly filed on a “criminal basis,” “the right people would be brought to justice. And anybody who is responsible for that kind of truly, offensive behavior, [will be] punished.”

We hate that such blatant sexism still exists, and to see it from the same young people that are supposed to be tomorrow’s leaders? Ugh. Earlier this month we asked if Greek life was a place were racism was excused and we can begin to heavily question if sexist practices are the norm too!?


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