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Over the weekend, the terrorist group Boko Haram declared their sudden allegiance to that other terrorist clan ISIS. Boko Haram shared an audio message on their Twitter account, (sidenote: Why are they even allowed on social media?) claiming that rumored leader Abu Bakr Shekau said Boko Haram would “obey in times of difficulty and prosperity” as allies to ISIS.

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While ISIS and Boko Haram obtain a similar taste for terrorizing communities and innocent people in the region of Northern Africa, the Middle East and Asia, some sources such as the Washington Institute and American Intelligence agents are saying it could be a fraud considering we’re still unsure if Shekau is indeed Haram’s leader.

It’s been suggested that the audio is a publicity stunt because Haram is focused on leveraging the level of genocide in Chad, Niger and Nigeria (and the heartbreaking kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls) and ISIS is infamously determined on the Islamic State. Yet their savage endeavors connects them and according to the New York Times have been contact since the new year.

We don’t know what’s worse: The idea of these two indignant groups getting friendly or them remaining on their opposite sides and still raising hell for sport and backwards beliefs.


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