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Anthony Mackie seems to be suffering from a serious case of foot-and-mouth disease. Once again Mackie sparked outrage over comments he made surrounding women’s roles. Mackie visited The Wendy Williams Show last week where he and the host discussed his long term relationship with girlfriend Sheletta Chapital. It seems Mackie and Wendy agree both men and women should “have roles”. C’mon Wendy, really? Are we in 2015 or 1950? Anyways, while Wendy claimed if a man wanted a sandwich, Mackie jumped in and retorted:

You make Daddy a sandwich!

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Is this guy for real?!!? Once the audience expressed their disapproval with Mackie’s declaration, he continues with his logic and stated:

No, no, no! Let me ask you this. If me and you are out, and somebody says something slick to you, you want me to smack him in his mouth, right? So if I take you on a date, and I say, ‘Look baby, we gonna go dutch?’

Wendy quickly blurted out, “NO!” Mackie claimed:

Exactly! If we’re walking up to the car, and I don’t open your car door, what do you say?”

Open the door!

Wendy fired back, where Mackie followed up with:

You better believe it! So you make Daddy a sandwich!… If I’m outside cutting that grass, bring Daddy some lemonade! It’s hot outside and I’m cutting all this grass!

Jesus be a PR person.. Watch the interview below at the 5:20 mark.

This guy….


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