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The other day a co-worker and I were having a conversation about Nicki MInaj dating Meek Mill, when he says: “Nicki Minaj is nothing more than a “Rich THOT”. I gasped.

I wasn’t clenching my pearls because I believed Nicki Minaj is a saint, but I was genuinely shocked that he said it, I was just shocked to hear that someone looked at her that way. Now let me put this disclaimer out there, I as a woman do not agree with anyone calling anyone (man or woman) a “THOT” but for the sake of explanation, he said she is a “Rich THOT” as an illustration of his argument that it doesn’t matter what your wealth or status is as a celebrity, you are still human and even a layman (from the cable guy to a billionaire) would have a shot at dating you.

I disagreed.

His ending statement was that “You are who you are and no matter how much money you make, you come from where you come from and you have the tendency to be “like” the environment you came from.” Nicki Minaj reveals a lot about where she comes from, including the fact that she used to have to “Steal Bread and eat that” during an interview on Entertainment Tonight.

Nicki Minaj also opens up about her abortion during her new MTV documentary “My Time Again” airing Sunday, January 18th on MTV. Check out her ET interview below:




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