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Calvin Klein unveiled their newest lingerie campaign and was surprisingly greeted with a super sized helping of online backlash from the plus-size community. What’s the big deal you ask?

The “Perfectly Fit” campaign features 27-year old model, Myla Dalbesio who is (drumroll please)…a size 10. Industry standards dictate that she’s a plus-size model. According to the Internet, I should be mad at Calvin Klein because I’m fat and their model isn’t fat enough.

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Everyone who has an opinion on this is conveniently leaving out a few facts. The brand never promoted Myla as a plus-size model. They never even used the term ‘plus size’ when describing their campaign. You can thank the Entertainment Tonight segment headlined “Meet Calvin Klein’s New Plus-Size Model” for that one. Calvin Klein simply wanted to show a little diversity, which I believe they have successfully done.


A Calvin Klein spokeswoman tells the New York Times:

“The new Calvin Klein Underwear Perfectly Fit imagery features models Myla Dalbesio, Jourdan Dunn, Amanda Wellsh, Ji Hye Park and the face of the brand, Lara Stone, in several styles. The Perfectly Fit line was created to celebrate and cater to the needs of different women, and these images are intended to communicate that our new line is more inclusive and available in several silhouettes in an extensive range of sizes.”


Let me drop a few other gems on you beauties. The “Perfectly Fit” collection offers seamless invisible coverage bras up to a size 38DD. 38? Does that number refer to the amount of chips I normally eat during one sitting? As a member of #TeamCantWearButtonDowns, this line isn’t for plus-size women. The average woman blessed with a little more to love won’t be able to shop this line anyways. So why you mad, son?

I’ll sarcastically add that I think Calvin Klein did a fairly good job at covering all the points of diversity within their campaign. You’ve got White, Black, Asian and a model who represents women who are not the size of a half-eaten pretzel.

The plus-size community is all bark and no bite. There, I said it. We are constantly annoyed by not being able to shop major fashion designers like Prada and Marc Jacobs, but really we just want the cheaper capsule collection at Target and H&M. If we are not spending the big coins, why would major fashion brands and retailers jump at the thought of putting their dollars behind creating plus-size clothing just so you can see a fat plus-size model in the pictures.

I know I’ve smacked a few “oh hell nah” buttons with my fellow big girls. So let’s talk about it. Sound off in the comments below.


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