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“Fifty-eight percent of Adults with Diabetes use oral medications to help control their blood glucose levels, and twelve percent use insulin.”
There have been “new developments” regarding what is called Non-Insulin medications that are administered by an injection pen. These Non-Insulin injectables are made to lower your glucose levels and they are also made to help you where the oral medications haven’t worked.
Here is a list of the “Non-Insulin” injectables:
1. Tanzeum
2. Bydurem & Bytta
3. Victoza
4. Symlin

The medications Tanzeum, Bydurem & Bytta and Victoza injectable non-insulins help you with hormone called Glucago-like Peptide-1 “GLP-1”. This hormone is for people taking oral medication. This helps assist the pancreas to release insulin which moves glucose out of your blood stream after you have eaten.
The injectable medication, Symlin is a hormone called Amylin. This hormone is for people who are currently taking insulin. This helps people with Diabetes 1 and Diabetes 2 and it’s for the people who’s insulin are not doing it’s job.
The other method to help you control your blood glucose is overly “extreme” and considered a major surgery.
This method is called Bariatric surgery.
In 2010, studies show that the people who have had this surgery no longer needed their diabetes medications. Why? They are saying that the bariatric surgery could have caused levels of “certain hormones in the small intestine – including GLP-1 to rise.”