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Video Evidence Of Ray Rice’s Brutal Beating Of His Fiancée Caught On Camera In Full 

Earlier this year news that NFL star Ray Rice had attacked his then-fiancée, Janay Palmer, shocked fans, but the now a full video of the incident has surfaces showing just how violent the incident was, and it’s jaw-dropping. TMZ got their hands on a cleaned up, raw surveillance elevator video of the incident and it shows a very graphic and brutal assault. In the video, Rice is seen hitting Palmer first, she hits him back and then he delivers the blow that knocked her out cold. He doesn’t even look like it matters to him when he drags her out of the elevator when it opens. What’s worse–Palmer still married Rice a month after the attack.

Rice was slapped on the wrist for this incident. As far as the NFL is concerned, all will be forgiven after he sits out two games and pays a fine. He was still arrested, indicted and faced discipline.  Once photos of Rice dragging Palmer on the floor surfaced, the football player also held a press conference where he apologized to the public and told reporters “You know that’s ‘not me’” adding, about his fiancée, “her pain is my pain.”  It all seems to have been swept under the rug, until now.

Ray told reporters that “when the time is right” both he and his wife plan to seek out opportunities to help people affected by domestic violence because it is simply “inexcusable.” He didn’t indicate when that time might be, but he insisted that he knows there is no excuse for hitting your partner. “It just not right. It’s not right. It shouldn’t be tolerated,” said Ray. “That’s something I stand by, and I have to pay for that.”

Right, so this video displaying you beat your wife to an unconscious pulp isn’t you? Got it. The NFL still hasn’t made any comment and we doubt they will. They’re just going to wait until we all forget about this and put him right back in the game, because as we all know, it pays to be an athlete, in so many ways. And Mrs. Rice? Our only hope for her is that she smartens up and gets out of that marriage before it’s too late.

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