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Waddup, It’s Amir Diamond and it’s my pleasure to present to you one of my favorite visuals of the year thus far from a Houston artist. I love the high-quality cinematography and refreshing scenery in Stockz’ new video “LDLA.” #LDLA made me feel like I was on a California vacation with Mr. Stockzilla as my tour guide!  In my opinion, the vid’s serving as a teaser of what’s to come and has me dying to know “what’s next!?” for this artist.

Watch “LDLA” Here:

For more info on this artist, Visit InvestInStockz.Com


Born in Roanoke, Virginia raised in Houston, Texas at 21 years old the OTOS General  “Stockz” or “Stockzilla” is not just a musician/actor/songwriter but an OTOS Engineer. Bringing you all things OTOS (On That Other Sh*t). Hailing from the Houston area. Stockz has worked his twitter following up to a loyal and forceful 40,000+ people and counting without a major record deal. Although coming from a rather blessed family, growing up in the South-West Alief area of Houston being in the same bubble with skateboarders all the way to gangs, Stockz developed a strong sense of his surroundings and learned to understand the lives around him with empathy or through personal experience. By the time Stockz began high

school he learned to communicate these feelings, he had already been scribing poetry -for a while, he then decided to try public delivery amongst peers that started with battles for respect on campus that would eventually compelled him to work until he could acquire his own home studio. When asked why he makes music, Stockz responds “if my stories can relate to and/or have an impact on someone’s life I’m doing my job. I want to make moments last forever, good or bad.” From that point on he has been constantly working to make history. Zilla is currently working on the“Ignorance & Bliss EP” set to release independently in the near future.

Keep your eyes peeled; the best has yet to come.


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