Why Is O.N.E not nationally recognized yet? It baffles me how Houston has all of this talent that people tend to look over. I want real rap to come back. I want to play music that actually has substance and concepts and dope wordplay. But YOU have to tell us how much you want to hear […]

Eskabel is giving life lessons with this “No Friends” song. Often times, people get thangs confused in this industry. Be careful who you trust. Check out Eskabel’s new video (directed by Mr. Boomtown) below. This record is lowkey one of my theme songs.

There was a time that I wish I had a bunch of friends. Boy, was I young and dumb lol As I’ve grown, I’ve noticed that a good friend is hard to come by. Generally, people do not have your best interest at heart. I agree with a lot of the things Eskabel is talking […]

Yung Martez ain’t playing!!! This dude has continuously been putting out music and visuals that has been able to touch souls. Everybody should be able to relate to this song on some sort of level. We all have an Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent or older-figure who has looks out for our well being and keeps us […]

Just Brittany always brings it when it comes to her artistry, performances, interviews and music videos. I love that whenever I run into her, she leaves me and the rest of the crowd wanting more. Watch her captivating new video below called “A Drug Called Love” Follow @TheAmirDiamond & @979TheBox on Twitter & Instagram Listen […]

I can appreciate when artists like Houston’s own Stoppa put effort into their product. Stoppa’s new video “WTF” had me wondering what was going to happen next. The cinematography was on POINT and it was filled with a couple comedic moments that had me thinking “that’s really how life be happening.” SMH I enjoyed hearing […]

Propain is one of my favorite young rappers from Houston because he actually tells stories and has substance. Unlike a lot of artists nowadays, Pro makes music that we’ll all want to be jamming 20 years from now. Keep up the great work, man. I can’t wait to hear more from your upcoming project “Against […]

What’s up, It’s Amir Diamond and although I know Kab Tha Don is a beast in the Houston underground world, I’m always hesitant on whether an artist’s new music is gonna be hot or not.   I’m a very honest person and when I don’t like something…I’ll tell ya. THANK GAWD this wasn’t the case […]

What’s up, It’s Amir Diamond and one person I can always call if I ever needed anything is my sister; it’s a half-sister but we are actually closer than my full blood brother! I can have a major argument or disagreement with my sis but if I ever need her, she’s the one who picks […]

Waddup, It’s Amir Diamond and it’s my pleasure to present to you one of my favorite visuals of the year thus far from a Houston artist. I love the high-quality cinematography and refreshing scenery in Stockz’ new video “LDLA.” #LDLA made me feel like I was on a California vacation with Mr. Stockzilla as my […]

I think JT is one of Houston’s local artists who’s about to emerge into the mainstream world. His sound and genre of music is one that you cannot put a label on. He’s not a “Holy Rapper” or “Gospel Singer”…he’s just JT. He’s his own man who has an unbelievable stage presence, unique style and […]


Check out the H-Town remix to Drake’s “0 to 100” by Slim Thug, Delorean & Doughbeezy here: