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It’s happening again y’all. Now, it’s easy to rush to judgment and call Wayne a dead-beat, irresponsible, careless man based on the rumor circulating thay he  allegedly fathers a 12 year old boy. Would that be fair or necessary?

Celebrity’s personal affairs are really none of our business but given the coverage and excessive look into their lives we make it our business. We check all the blogs, social media sites and leave our comments, advice, suggestions, and judgments. There’s little to no compassion nor attention to fact that words are hurtful and multiply that with all the public scrutiny and entertainment coverage.

So, instead of exploiting this situation which may or may not be true, I’ll instead say I wish the rapper and said kid the best of luck in sorting it all out. This could very well be a case of bad thot-thirst behavior or he could have a brand new 12 year old son. Perhaps time will tell.

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