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Wow this should be real interesting to see how it will turn out. I dunno how I feel about it.

*As expected, Cartoon Network is now the target of a Christian group over its new Aaron McGruder-created series “Black Jesus,” which doesn’t debut until Aug. 7.The American Family Association and its One Million Moms division said in a statement, “The depiction of Jesus swearing and using violent behavior is a new low. The group notes it’s a late-night show that’s part of Adult Swim, but took issue that it portrays Jesus as a “black guy living in the ‘hood.”“The blasphemous, irreverent and disrespectful show depicts him living in Compton Gardens and makes a mockery of the Lord,” the group continued.In the half-hour live-action scripted comedy, newcomer Gerald “Slink” Johnson (Grand Theft Auto V) stars as Jesus living in present-day Compton, CA, who’s on a daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers. The series pickup for “Black Jesus” came on the heels of the Jesus race controversy triggered by Fox News star Megyn Kelley’s recent “Jesus is white” comments, notes