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Updated for 2014, here are some cheap places to take your kids this summer! Remember the TEN MILE RADIUS RULE: If you can get home and back within ten miles, you will save on gas too!

Here are some of my faves!

1. Backyard Pools are getting cheaper each year-check your sale paper…get the radio out there turn it on 97.9 The Box…you got your own beach atmosphere and summer of fun.  I haven’t  bought  a pool yet this year- bu tmy youngest daughter loves to put  sprinkler under the trampoline and jump…

2.Discovery Green – Discovery Green in Downtown Houston always has stuff going on. A lot of it free…check their schedule online…but remember the gas prices and trip costs.

3. Chuck E Cheese – they have coupons online and in the Sunday paper! Also go early during the day to avoid the craziness!!!  I’m talking right when they open…Most locations open at 10 on Saturday-and 11 every other day…

4. The Houston Zoo – The Houston Zoo is interesting and approachable.. The train station is located near the ticket booth at the zoo. It circles Hermann Park and it’s a fun experience for kids.

5. A NON 3-D Movie—It has to be something incredible for me to drop 12 bucks per person…but if the theatre is close you may want to splurge since you saved money on gas

6. Parks Around The Area -early morning or late afternoon-bring your own sandwiches

7.  Neighborhood Pool-nuf said…you’ve already paid the neighborhood dues- so use the pool…

8. The Children’s Museum of Houston – This place caters to kids. So it’s no surprise this makes a Top Ten list. The Children’s Museum of Houston isn’t just loved by Houstonians, but it was recently honored by Parents Magazine as the number one Children’s Museum in the country. Somedays used to be free-so check their website

9. McDonalds or any fast food restaurant with a playplace -cheap lunch, free play-go as break avoid fast turns to lunch

10. Movie day or night at home – pop your own popcorn, rent a movie from on demand or better yet a one dollar redbox…

New things have come to Houston I know a lot of people want to know about  so here goes:

Pleasure Pier In Galveston – which I’m sorry, I cannot approve as a cheap attraction, it’s way over the 10 mile limit and you gotta pay $10 for an adult just to walk on the pier – and $4 bucks per ride – although an all day ride pass is around $27 bucks for an adults – which isn’t terrible – so, if you wanna splurge go ahead!