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Lee-MazinDespite proving they have just as much talent, if not more than a lot of men in the Hip-Hop industry, it’s still a tough road for a woman who raps. Women have to be three times better than men in the game to get half of the respect. However, all of that is about to change now that Philly native Lee Mazin is kicking in the door as the First Lady of friend Meek Mill‘s Dreamchasers Records.

As a new artist coming in the game, Lee Mazin’s approach is to show and prove. In essence, that’s how she landed the deal with Meek Mill in the first place. Lee recalls the day Meek Mill told her about his Dream Chasers movement like it was yesterday. How can she forget? It was also the day Meek Mill let her rock the crowd at Powerhouse, Philadelphia’s biggest Hip-Hop concert. “Meek actually called me the day of Powerhouse which is the day he announced he was starting the dream chasers movement. He said he wanted me to be his First Lady and I thought this would be a good look, not only for me, but for Philly as well,” she conveyed when she spoke to The Urban Daily.


Although Lee Mazin is fairly new, she’s already starting to work with some heavy hitters production-wise. Lee Mazin has been in the studio with the legendary Hitmen producer Deric “D. Dot” Angelettie. Despite the two developing a close brother/sister relationship, his resume isn’t lost on her.

Lee remembers, “He played me a couple of songs he produced. Honestly, there were a lot of records that I didn’t even know he produced. I was like, ‘Wow!’ I learned a lot about him and I was appreciative that I got a chance to work with greatness.”

Together the duo have made beautiful music together that can be heard on her fresh mixtape “In My Own Lane.” The collection of music serves as an introduction to the versatile performer. Lee Mazin wrote every single world on the mixtape and if you’re wondering who is singing the hooks, that’s Lee as well. And by the time her album drops, which she hopes to release by the end of the year, she should be well versed in production because she’s learning that now.

With Lee Mazin putting in so much work now, it will be hard for music fans to deny her talent. “I just know I wanna be a legend. I’m not going to say how I’m going to be remembered as a legend. I’m just going to show and prove.” Let’s work!

Check out more of Lee Mazin’s music on her website.

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