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For all those with no access to commercials on public television, actor extraordinaire Tom Cruise is starring in the new movie “Edge Of Tomorrow,” a sci-fi action flick in which Tom’s cowardly character Major William Cage is killed over and over again during an alien invasion that threatens to wipe out the human race. During the loop, he links up with war hero Rita Vrataski, played by Emily Blunt (“Devil Wears Prada,” “5 Year Engagement”) to solve the mystery of his repeated death and hopefully save a billion lives.

After a sneak preview we here at concluded two things: One, that Tom Cruise’s new movie is extremely entertaining, downright dope and definitely a summer smash. And two, that we’ve seen this downright dope movie somewhere before.

In fact, after a closer look, we realized that we’ve seen “Edge of Tomorrow” in several different places before. Here’s a quick list of six flicks we’ve discovered with their DNA deep up in “…Tomorrow.” But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!


1) “The Matrix”

Like the Wachowski’s classic, “EOT” takes place in the future, the human race is in trouble, the villains are a mix of machines and creature that are controlled by a hive mind and fought against by dudes in battle suits. The lead character is a guy that originally wanted to run and hide but after hours of training and the addition of special powers he becomes the ultimate warrior and mankind’s only hope. I think we have a winner…

EOT Matrix 2.jpg

2) “Wreck It Ralph”

In the animated hit, Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun, voiced by actress Jane Lynch, is a hardcore female soldier whose significant other is killed by invading alien creatures causing her to become even colder and more focused on killing the creatures until she fell head over combat boots for a main character… And as for the costume… Well, you be the judge.

Edge Of Tomorrow Wreck It Ralph.jpg

3) “Groundhog Day”

No matter what he does, where he goes, or how many times he dies, Bill Murray wakes up every single time in the exact same place, hearing the exact same thing until he finally corrects every mistake and masters the day. Yeah…

Edge Of Tomorrow Ground Hog Day.jpg

4) “Aliens”

Confronted by a hostile alien, Sigourney Weaver throws on a mechanized suit to duke it out and save the human race from extinction. Check please.

Edge Of Tomorrow Aliens.jpg

5) “Halo”

In this adaptation of the hit X-Box video game, a group of soldiers in mechanized battle suits battle an alien horde. Oh ,and by the way… Tom Cruise gets to start over at the same spot every time he dies in “EOT.” Sounds like a “checkpoint” doesn’t it?

Edge Of Tomorrow Halo.jpg

6) “Minority Report”

Tom Cruise is in the future, he knows what’s going to happen before it happens, and he spends the rest of the movie trying to fix it. Oh, there’s also him doing lot of running. I’ll stop right there.

tom Cruise EOT Minority Report.jpg


“Edge Of Tomorrow” is in theaters this Friday June 6th.

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