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With a lot of chatter of the return of Thunder forward Serge Ibaka, the series turned in favor for the Thunder and seemed the current western conference were in trouble.

With the return of Ibaka, the Thunder were able to win both home games in both games three and four tying up the series and headed back to San Antonio with high hopes of stealing game five with the momentum on their side. In a turn of events the Spurs returned to full form once back at home, during games three and four the Spurs shot below 40 percent from the field but bounced back shooting 51.3% from the field and  made 13 of 26 three-pointers to cruise by the Thunder in-game five.

“This is the craziest series I’ve ever been involved in,” said, Duncan.

Before losing game five the Thunder averaged 105.5 points and they saw a boost in team play with the return of Ibaka’s offense and defense abilities and how he affected the Spurs game play on both ends of the floor. Ibaka was said to be injured and was supposed to miss the rest of the playoffs with a calf strain, he returned and made a huge impact on game play for the Thunder. He was limited to 27 minutes of game play but the presence helped the team. Let’s see if his presence can make the difference in game six as the Thunder face a possible elimination  from the playoffs.

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