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You should already know that using free-weights will beat out using exercise machines, every time. Not only does it work out more muscle groups than being on a machine, free-weights are less likely to compromise your form, forcing you into uncomfortable positions, thus resulting in less injuries. Of course, we all have different bodies, and different things work on different people. Certain exercise machines like the standing cables (for any arm or shoulder exercises), elliptical and assisted pull-up are great for utilizing more than one body part. But not all exercise machines are created equal; beware of the following machines that might not be the best options at the gym:

1. Any Abdominal Machine

Ab Machine

Do you ever get on an abdominal machine and think “hmm… well this feels awkward.” Well, that’s because… it is. Abdominal machines are the absolute most awkward exercise machines I’ve ever used, not to mention, they’re the spine-killer!

You can’t reduce fat on your core, you can however, try to tone it up, and definitely not by centering on only working the abdominals. The ab machines advertises just that, a concentration on losing your stomach or love handles. Except, it’s total false advertisement. You will not lose your love handles or stomach fat no matter how many repetitions of this exercise you do. Instead, opt for ab exercises that will work more than just your core.

2. Seated Shoulder Press Machine


This machine is designed for your shoulders and will work your triceps in the process. So what’s wrong with it? Again, the machine forces your shoulders into biomechanically unsafe positions. It makes your shoulders move and take on stress in ways they’re not supposed to. And shoulder injuries are no joke.

Instead of using the shoulder press, try using free-weights while standing. It’ll allow for more natural movements and less strain on your shoulders. Or try throwing a medicine ball overhead towards a point on the wall, while squatting down to catch it.

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