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I wonder did Beyoncé  know when she dropped her surprise record that a Houston man would surprise drop his clothes and go in the street singing her song lyric ‘Surfboard’. That brutha has  taken things to another level. What do you do when you see a guy who is high out of his mind, nude and is ‘Drunk In Love‘ on your block?


This man definitely woke up in the kitchen sayin’ how the hell did this sh-t happen, oh baby.

Witnesses on a busy Houston street say a man high on embalming fluid stripped [down] and started screaming “surfboard” and “doing the Beyonce” while dancing, KHOU reports. Onlookers — including small children — can be seen in a video taken Thursday at 12:30 p.m. trying to subdue and cover up the man.

One woman, who claimed she’s the unidentified man’s cousin, was horrified.

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