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What is it that makes hater’s hate? Is it there lack of success, their jealousy or something more insidious? I don’t know and I don’t have the time to waste pondering it. One thing I have learned about hater’s is that they will hate regardless. If they want to fill their brief journey on this world with such limited emotion – always playing the victim and always a pawn on the board of life – it’s their choice. My life is about love, light and giving others the opportunities to reach their dreams as my mentors continue to help me reach mine. So, hate that we give someone a platform in a country where freedom of speech is supposed to be a cherished right. Hate that someone has a more interesting life than you or a different viewpoint. Hate that you can’t be where we are. Hate that you don’t have the courage to lead the life you want to lead. Hate me now, but know that if you’re lucky enough to live a long life, you will look back on this time and hate yourself later. Family, love, seeking out your own dream; these are the things that matter. Freedom of speech and the, ordained by law, equality of the sexes and races in this country are two of the greatest tools we are given at birth to pursue our own happiness. Cherish them, our forefather’s fought much too hard for them for you to not continue to.