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Anybody that thinks Donald Sterling got a lifetime ban from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver solely because of his racist comments is delusional. This decision was based on $$$. More specifiaclly the $$$ of the other 31 owners. Imagine the blowback if they sat back and did nothing. My grandpa use to tell me “Silence is compliance”. That would send the message that they agreed with everything he said. They have known about his racist ways for years and it was never a problem. But when faced with the real possibility of it affecting their own pockets they had to take action.


The most telling part of the audio to me was when he told his girlfriend “The world will think certain things if you’re seen with black people.” To me “the world” means his social circle or the people he rubs elbows with will talk down on him. Who else is a billionaire owner rubbing elbows with? You guessed it other billionaire owners. They had to distance themselves from him this one statement.

Donald Sterling’s biggest failure was sharing his true thoughts with someone who should not have been in his “circle of trust.” Had he shared these sentiments with the other owners at a cigar bar in the Staples Center he would still be doing business as usual. Did he get what he deserved? Absolutely.

But, please don’t add this to the scoreboard as a victory for civil rights. Because it’s not. It’s a simple case of sacrificing “one” for the good of many.