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What happens when two ratchets wrapped in designer duds and flawless weave get together?

Well, I’ll tell ya, Kenya and Porsha get into a scuffle during the reunion show aired on Bravo. I think they’re all crazy. I’ve heard rumors that Porsha is to be put off the show as a result of her actions, but I’ve also heard the ladies of the franchise claim that if she goes, they’ll all go.

What’s more sad? The fact that they’re taking a stance by allegedly all leaving as apposed to encouraging better behavior and allowing people to accept their consequences or the fact that it happened at all?

It’s sad to see these women of a particular age have gathered an audience and following of that magnitude and are displaying tactless, senseless, fighting as an example.

Not, that I agree with their behavior but below is a visual for you to see just what I’m talking about.

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