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boys autism(HOUSTON) –  The Centers for Disease Control says about 1 in 68 American children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder, but experts suspect countless others are left undiagnosed because awareness of autism spectrum disorders and access to resources is lower in minority and immigrant communities.

A Houston mother is on a mission to change that.

Tammy Tran Nguyen is the co-founder of an organization called KNOWAutism, which reaches out to under-served communities to raise awareness about autism and raise money for programs which diagnose and support children struggling with an autism spectrum disorder.

Nguyen was inspired to reach out to these communities after her own son was diagnosed with autism, and she struggled.  She is a business owner.  She graduated from law school, yet she says his diagnosis left her lost and confused.  She couldn’t easily find information, support or services.

“I Googled every single night, I got my hands on every single book I could read, and I talked to all the therapists in the world, and I still had no idea what is autism.”

She doesn’t want any other parent to face that mountain of challenges when they’re already facing their child’s difficult diagnosis.  She wants KNOWAutism to become a clearinghouse for information and support for families, as well as a fundraising tool for Houston organizations that help children with autism spectrum disorders.  But her ultimate goal is even bigger than that.

“My wish goal is autism with be a household word, (and) that everyone will know the signs and symptoms of autism.  Once that is accomplished, we’ll be able to get our kids the help that they need as soon as we can.”

You can hear NEWS 92 FM’s conversation with Ngyuen and KNOWAustin board member Chase Oelkers here:


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