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Is it the video game, is it the cereal, is it the peers? What could make your kid instantly become a menace to society? Nine-year old  boy hasn’t even hit puberty and is arrested and charged with grand theft auto! reports that the preteen took up a brick and threw it at his mother and grandmother before taking the keys to his mother’s car.

Why did he steal the car? He didn’t want to go to school! Ain’t that a shame? Back in the day when I didn’t want to go to school I just faked a cold. Couple of impromptu coughs and sneezes won me a day in the bed with all my favorite t.v. shows.

Miami Gardens police spokesman Michael Wright gives the little youngin’ props though saying surprisingly he can drive. The kid being pulled over after 45 minutes of driving around.

I hope he takes up a sport or extra curricular activity or something engaging that will make him more excited for school, so we can cross safely and so he doesn’t have to waste his life in jail.

EVERYONE not just kids, remember to look both ways before crossing!

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