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Stiletto Murder

The alleged murder weapon — a size-9 stiletto — as shown in court during the “stiletto murder” trial of Ana Trujillo (pool image)

(HOUSTON) — As the “stiletto murder” trial continued Tuesday, jurors heard the 911 call made by a frantic Ana Trujillo the night she killed her boyfriend with a high-heeled shoe, watched video of the scene and saw the alleged murder weapon for the first time.

Trujillo was so distraught on June 9 that 911 operators had a difficult time understanding the nature of the call and that someone was dying. She was crying as she told the operator that Dr. Alf Stefan Andersson had been beating her.

Houston police officer Ashton Bowie later Tuesday testified he thought Trujillo was crying “crocodile tears.”

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Trujillo cried again as the 911 tape was played in court. At one point, she was rocking back and forth in her chair with loud sniffles and tears running down her face.

Prior to the tape being played, the jury heard from the next-door neighbor who said she heard what sounded like an angry man screaming during the early morning hours.

The courtroom later went silent when a 10-minute video of the murder scene was played for the jury. It was recorded about five hours after Andersson was killed. His body was still on the floor, face up in a pool of blood with several deep wounds from a 5 ½-inch stiletto that was pounded into his face and head.

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