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Christina-milian-slapHere’s a word to the wise. Don’t ever get close to Christina Milian without wearing a shirt. Otherwise, you will be popped in your face by her security team.

Milian was spotted entering into Los Angeles hotspot Hooray Henry’s on Sunday night. As she entered, she was all smiles. She stopped and spoke to the paparazzi about her current favorite song. Of course, she said it was Beyonce’s inescapable hit “Drunk In Love.” Christina disappeared inside of the club and everything seemed great until she decided to leave.


As Milian was exiting the club, she was being led to her car by a security guard who was holding her hand. While they were walking to the car, a woman, clad in only a bra and shorts, runs up on the side of Milian. Milian seems unfazed, but security wasn’t having it. The security guard popped the woman across the face without any warning.

The woman didn’t fall or indicate she was hurt, but she did begin screaming about why was she hit in the face. Christina Milian didn’t stop to see what the issue was. She got in her truck and drove off before anything else could be tied to her. Smart thinking, Christina.



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