HFD Truck(HOUSTON) — Mayor Annise Parker put out a memo Tuesday, outlining changes she is making in her administration.

Among the changes, Fire Chief Terry Garrison will now report directly to the city’s chief operating officer, and EMS Director Dr. David Perse will report to the city’s chief development officer.

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But Councilmember Ed Gonzales, who chairs the public safety committee, had just assured council members and the fire department that the mayor was not planning to split EMS and HFD.

On Wednesday, the Mayor herself was adamant about the fact that no split was coming.  She told reporters that she had no plans to either split the two or to privatize the EMS service.

Houston Professional Firefighters Association President Bryan Sky Eagle was not happy about the changes, fearing that it could lead the city to hire future EMS workers as municipal employees rather than certified firefighters.  A move which he says would put the new hires under a different pension system and cause confusion as to who the rank and file reported to.

News 92 FM spoke with Fire Chief Terry Garrison who tells us he is confident that the Mayor is telling the truth and he’s moving forward, managing the department as one unit.

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