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Lil Boosie JailThe excitement from Lil Boosie being freed from person has raised a whole new set of problems for some people in the entertainment business. Since people are hyped to hear new music and see him in concert, scam artists are taking advantage of unsuspecting concert promoters.

Several people are coming forward claiming to have been scammed by a person claiming to be Lil Boosie’s brother and booking agent. The scams happened twice in Dallas, Texas and once in Detroit, Michigan. An alleged victim named LaToya Thompson broke the whole thing down.


According to Thompson, she saw a booking flier for Lil Boosie on Instagram and called the number to set up a concert where Boosie would perform. She says she was finally connected with someone who identified themselves as “TQ.” TQ is the name of Lil Boosie’s brother and booking agent. “TQ” allegedly told Thompson to wire him $25,000 and he would make sure Boosie showed up for a concert in April. However, when Thompson wired the money to “TQ,” he disappeared with her cash.

The other two victims tell similar stories. The only difference in them is they booked Boosie for appearances and not actual performances. However, the outcome was still the same. As soon as they wired the money to “TQ,” he was gone and couldn’t be reached on any number he previously gave out.

On the contract LaToya Thompson has, it lists  Giovany Productions as the booking company. After trying to get in touch with people from Giovany Productions, it was discovered that all of the contact numbers were disconnected.

Despite all of the confusion, Boosie says he never gave anybody permission to start booking him anywhere. Lil Boosie also says that in order to book him for anything, you need to contact the real TQ. In case you’re wondering, the real TQ says he had nothing to do with this booking scam that’s going on and is going to file a police report.

LaToya Thompson already filed a police report, but we doubt she’ll be able to get her $25,000 back.



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