Oooooh y’all I’m feelin’ some type of way with the news I’ve just come across about gas prices and why they’re on the rise this month. I read from an ABC News source that March is the WORST month for gas prices. It’s not for reasons you may first assume. As a commuter I personally fill up every week and with all my expenses it’s so annoying to be subjected to an increase in the last place you want to spend extra money.


…March may be the worst time of the year to buy gas, says Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst with The reason is not political instability and the price of oil abroad.

The hike is driven by refineries that typically undergo seasonal maintenance this time of the year, transitioning to a cleaner burning formula for warmer months from the “winter blend.” Many refineries cut production to conduct seasonal maintenance, which can limit gasoline supplies and cause market uncertainty, according to AAA.

Well, it’s nice to be informed but I won’t say that I agree or like it. I understand though, they’ve gotta do what they’ve gotta do, but I know one thing, come April those prices best be on the decrease!

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