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For those who simply could not get access and missed out on the 2014 Rodeo Cook-Off, News 92 FM demurely covered all the brisket and fun happening inside several tents at the Reliant Stadium this weekend.

We understand these tents are almost like celebrity parties, allowing only a selective crowd to enjoy the fun inside. Unfortunately, if you do not have the ‘golden’ ticket to get in, you will be a spectator looking in from the outside on all the fun.

So here you go, take a peek inside a few of the tents hosting some of the bar-b-que fun:

Rancho Cerveza‘s tent, hosted by Fairfield-Nodal, was full of friends and family fun. Suited with an open bar and all you can eat bar-b-que section,  people were having the time of their lives. Everyone was dancing as the band played country hits through out the night.

CGG not only provides leading Geoscience to global oil and gas companies, it also provided free sloppy joes to those who visited their tent. Hundreds of people were in and out devouring the delicious bar-b-que.

Some tents were almost like actual clubs. Check out Pitmaker, music was bumpin’ all night, people were taking shots and eating fresh off the fryer churros.


There you have it Houston, your very own access inside to some of the exclusive cook-off tents. Hopefully next year, you all will get to experience the party first-hand.

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