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According to Huffington Post, rapper (former police officer) Rick Ross has a controversial new song out called “Black  & White” in which the rapper evokes the name of Trayvon Martin.

Says Ross,

“Too close to a n***a as a motherf**king bomb/ Trayvon Martin, I’m never missing my target/ B***h n***as hating, tell me it’s what I’m parkin/ Wingstop owner, lemon pepper aroma/ Young, black n***a, barely got a diploma.”

Here we go again..apparently rappers still haven’t gotten the message that using murdered teenager’s names in their rhymes is not the business! We again find ourselves asking…how do you think it feels for a parent who learns that their murdered child’s name is being thrown into some rhyme scheme without any real meaning or value to it feels? That’s not hot B..on any level.

Ross later tried to offer an “explanation” of his lyrics saying,

It’s so important that today, on the two-year anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin, we never forget that tragedy. I’m never going to let the world forget that name. In my song ‘Black and White’ off Mastermind I say, ‘Trayvon Martin, I’m never missing my target’. There I’m reminding people that if you’re a black person or a person of any color for that matter in this country, you have to be accurate, whatever moves you make, stay accurate. Even when you’re walking down the street, playing music from your car, you have to stay on point.

Black men are being killed and their killers [are] beating the trial. It hasn’t been this much violence against black men since the ’60s. I am Trayvon Martin, we’re all Trayvon Martin. He was from South Florida. That could have been me or one of my homies. So, stay alert and never miss your target. Whatever that target may be. Getting out the hood, providing from your family. Stay sharp. Stay alive. Trayvon, Rest in Peace.

You can try to backtrack and claim you were making a statement there…but people who have at least the reading comprehension of a fifth grader will probably disagree. What does lemon pepper wings, your whip and people hating on you for owning those things have to do with a teenager who was murdered for minding his own business while walking home on a rainy evening?

In fact…you are purporting to be the very thug the prosecution tried to call Trayvon. You advocate the violence his parents are standing up against. And no statement written by your publicist or team is going to change any of those facts.

The last time we heard from Ross in a major way was when he released the controversial track “U.O.E.N.O” where his lyrics had him bigging up using date rape drugs in women’s glasses. Now we’re back to this.

Bottom line….making good music is what is paramount in the end Mr. Ross…putting a little thought into what you say before you say it is usually a good thing. And if you claim that you did think it through and said it anyway…then that is calculated and you are throwing all types of milk shade flavors at not just the audience but at the Martin family and his friends as well.

You can’t convince us as a former cop that you didn’t think that would hurt or offend anyone Mr. Ross…we’re sorry but we’re not buying what you’re selling today. We’ll give our dollars to artists who know better and do better.


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