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As has been circulating in the media we now know Michael Sam, potential spring of 2014 first round NFL Draft Pick has outed himself as a gay male. Sam’s confession was a brave move in the sense that just like the people who show love and support, this news leaves Sam susecptible to unkind reactions just the same. has reactions from celeb NFL’ers which are surprisingly very supportive and kind natured. Click here to check them out. In the latter of the post however, there is one comment that was not the most pleasant.  It reads:  “your business is your business I don’t care! When did this become a heroic act? I just want to come out and let everybody know that I am … straight as hell.”

It matters not what someone’s sexual preference is and is certainly NOT reason to discriminate against a fellow human being. Its apparent that our society is made up of varying opinions and not everyone will think/feel the same way. But, Sam may very well be heroic in that no matter the possibility of being over looked or not considered as a pick because of his sexual preference to want to speak up and out about this allows others who may be able to identify with him a feeling of belonging.

Time will tell what is to come of this.. Best of luck and outcomes to you Michael Sam!