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The Princess And The Frog


Disney brings a new take on a classic fairy tale to theaters today with the animated adventure “The Princess and the Frog.” Anika Noni Rose of “Dreamgirls” fame is the voice behind Tiana — a waitress and aspiring restaurateur who has no idea she’s about to cross paths with a royal amphibian. Set in the jazz age, “The Princess And The Frog” revolves around the adventures of Prince Naveen of Maldonia, a free-spirited monarch who runs into bad luck in New Orleans’ French Quarter. When a shady voodoo doctor turns the Prince into a frog, Naveen must kiss a beautiful girl to be human again.

The Tiana character is the ninth Disney Princess to join the franchise and the first African-American Disney Princess. “The Princess And The Frog” also features the voices of Bruno Campos as Prince Naveen, John Goodman, Oprah Winfrey and Oscar-nominee Terrence Howard. “The Princess And the Frog” is rated G.