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What’s your morning and night-time skin care regimen? Do you have one? Personally, my preference is low maintenance , anything thats quick and easy is for me the way of life.  Dr. Oz tells why one step in particular is important to the skin.

Did you know: Proper exfoliation can help restore glowing, more youthful-looking skin that radiates health.


There are many ways to exfoliate the skin, but why is it necessary? Removal of dead skin cells and debris is crucial for helping to treat skin conditions such as acne, but it also helps maintain healthy skin in general as we age and is a vital part of a good skin care regimen. As part of the skin’s natural aging process, the cell turnover in skin slows down, which can lead to buildup of dead skin cells. As a result, aged skin can look dull, rough and sallow.

Another culprit to hardening and thickening of the dead skin layer is excessive sun damage. Ever notice how excessively tanned skin can look leathery? The skin reacts to long-term sun damage by thickening the dead skin layer which can leave it looking lifeless and uneven.

Click here to learn about different types of exfoliation and how often to do so.

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