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Important news parents: Teaching your children about “sex” can be complex. You may be confused about what age is appropriate and what language is appropriate to use. has information about how this necessary conversation should go. Ease up the pressure and find out how to do it.


Parents often ask, “How old should a child be before we start talking about sex?” My answer always is: “Younger than you think.” Here’s why. If you talk about sexual matters from the beginning of a child’s use of language, there never needs to be the big “birds and bees talk.” It’s just a series of small conversations spread out over many years. You, as the parent, become the obvious go-to person whenever there’s a question.

If you become an “askable” parent, you will have offered your child an incredibly valuable gift.

This is good stuff, set the atmosphere that allows your children to feel free to come to you as their source of information. This will allow them to have the most accurate information and not make unsafe decisions from following friends.

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