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According to Hip Hop WiredMeek Mill‘s music still seems to be inciting violence at venues across the country. It happened again at a show in Wilmington, Delaware this weekend.

The MMG rapper was in Wilmington, DE performing in the early morning of December 7 when shots rang out after the show.

Says State police spokesman Sgt. Paul Shavack,

“When troopers arrived at the Moodswing Niteclub in Wilmington just before 2 a.m. Saturday, about 600 to 700 people were in the parking lot trying to get away from the shooting. They were running and in their cars.Troopers said they could hear multiple gunshots by more than one shooter being fired within the crowd that was there to see the popular rapper. Two victims were treated at the scene and taken to  hospitals and friends took two others for treatment.”

How are Hip Hop heads supposed to continue to defend this stuff? Leave your beefs at the crib. If you can’t just go out and have a good time then stay at home because if this foolishness continues to go down…promoters are no longer going to be able to afford the insurance to put on quality Hip Hop shows.

Once that happens your favorite artist is not going to be able to afford to be….your favorite artist anymore. They make a living off of doing shows not off of their music. They’re going to have to go get a nine to five to feed their families. And then what are we left with?

Selfishness from a few has a ripple effect on many…and it has GOT TO STOP! So if you love Hip Hop tell a friend to tell a friend that if they can’t keep their shizz in check at a show or in the parking lot of the show venue…or up the street from the parking lot of the show venue…then they need to stay their silly behinds at home…because they are helping to kill off this industry.

To some of us…Hip Hop is NOT just a bunch of songs on the radio…it’s a culture and a way of life. We don’t need or want this stupid ignorance among those of us who just want to have a good time. So if some of you can’t get it together we’re going to have to vote you off of our Hip Hop island because we want to see this thing live on forever….not die by the bullet of a cornball with an agenda.

Check this out…it may be old…but it still rings true!

That brother Moe Dee had it right when he said,

“I never ever ran from the Klu Klux Klan and I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO RUN from a BLACK MAN”

These clowns aren’t just killing themselves…they’re taking all of us with them. We must do better. Food for thought.

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