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They say you can’t pick who you fall in love with, it just happens to you. No judgment intended but it must’ve been Best Man Holiday actor Terrance Howard’s smooth New Edition, Can You Stand The Rain dance moves that got him in the door with his new secret wife Miranda. After just ONE MONTH of knowing one each other the two have tied the knot.

Hopefully this marriage is out of true honest love because its going to take patience, kindness, and no record of wrongs for Howard’s new wifey to get past his murky past.

It’s reported via that the star texted some choice words to his ex-wife that are rather disturbing:

“I will become Satan himself.  You were my last chance to love. I will now hate in all things and seek my vengeance upon Humanity for all the wrongs ever done to me!!! I have suffered because of my faith and will now destroy the world of mankind. You just killed the last grain of light within me. Now the darkness has begun. I hate all things because of you. The antichrist is here!”  – via NYDN

Okay, if that wasn’t enough reason to run in the opposite direction, far far away from him, perhaps the fact that this is his FOURTH marriage is proof enough that this gentleman may not be the most stable.

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