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It’s easy to forget that aside from the glitz, glamour, money and magazine covers, celebrities are just human beings made up of flesh and bones just like the rest of us. Also, they’re living, breathing beings with feelings, emotions and things that bother them.

The difference is that their lives are made visible to the public where their every make and move is televised, scrutinized, and discussed by everyone watching. But what is truly bothering Breezy?

We’ve been crossing our fingers in the hopes of a healing for mega-star Chris Brown, who was in rehab where we all knew he would get the help that he needed.  Well, allegedly, the star acted out of character and created a stir that ended with him being put out of the rehab facility and back in court.

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Either the media has done a great job at slandering his character and creating a big misunderstanding or the extremely talented Chris Brown is suffering with some significant anger and perhaps internal conflict. Nonetheless, supporters Karruche Tran (girlfriend) and Ms. Joyce Hawkins (mother) seem to have his back through it all.

Karruche was spotted holding his hand in court and his mommy shared a message on her twitter saying:

“My angel with broken wings God loves you so much and I do as well”

Chris we want you to get through this and let your light shine again!

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