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The immensely talented Jennifer Hudson has just recently acquired her star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. And we are so happy for her as she is most deserving.

She’s had a lasting and consistent career embedded with success in music, film and television. She’s triumphed through very difficult times with the murder of her loved ones. Which for many would mean the end of the road. Yet, she’s pushed through and is living a dream if you will.

Upon receiving her star she tweets out:

“Just got my star on the #WalkOfFame!! Such an honor. @ Hollywood Walk Of Fame”

You go girl! Three snaps in Z formation!

From by way of

“I didn’t sign her to a recording contract at the very beginning,” he recalled. “But when I saw her screen test for ‘Dreamgirls,’ I knew that she was truly a unique original artist whose career would be nothing short of spectacular so I did sign her, then … I was stunned by her acting range, she was the real deal … and that voice. I had been privileged over the years to work with two of the greatest voices of all time: Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. I never thought I’d hear another voice to compare and yet staring me in the face was a new voice that did compare. It literally sent shivers up my spine.”

Fighting back tears, Hudson later took the stage and thanked God for her success as well as her fans for their support.

“I knew I would get emotional and I’m sure my mom is in heaven like ‘Jenny stop crying’ but now’s the time to cry mama, it is,” she said with a smile, looking up to the sky. “This is an amazing honor as we all know and I did not see this coming. I’m so honored to be here with so many that I love and I feel as though we’re all a family.”

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