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Everyone expected the Houston Texans to make a serious Super Bowl run this year.

Texans advanced to the AFC divisional playoff game last year, added safety Ed Reed, which was suppose to be the final frontier in the Texans defense arsenal.  Picked up Clemson University wide receiver, Deandre Hopkins in the draft and brought running back, Arian Foster, along slowly and limited his workload to manage him for a long season.

After a humiliating 38-13 loss against the St. Louis Rams, the Texans season is turning out to be a pretty big disappointment.  Texans record is set with 2 – 4.  That’s two (2) wins and (4) four losses.  Ugh!

So, who’s the blame.  Defense has been disappointing but many blame quarterback, Matt Schaub.  He’s not played well this season, setting an NFL record for interceptions returned for a touchdown in four consecutive games.

In addition to that, as Schaub left the game with a leg injury some Texans’ fans cheered.  But soon the cheers were doused after backup T.J. Yates threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown a few plays later.

Many Texans’ players like Andre Johnson, JJ Watt, Brian Cushing & Duane Brown were very upset at the Texans fans who cheered when quarterback Matt Schaub got hurt.

Even Chris Long, the St. Louis Rams’ defensive end whose sack put Schaub out the game, was also outraged to hear the cheers.

Bottom line, no matter how much of a fan you are, you can’t celebrate injuries.  Stop!