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Just when you thought this story could not get any more heartbreaking it up and does. There are pictures all over the internets showing Adrian Peterson with a little boy said to be his young son. Well the child in the picture is in fact his son but he is not the son that passed away recently.

According to TMZ, Adrian had just recently learned that there was a toddler in South Dakota that was said to be his little boy. The mother had taken a former love interest to court for child support for the baby and only then found out through a mandatory paternity test that the baby was not his. She then turned to the only other possibility for a father which was Adrian for support.

Peterson immediately stepped up and was making arrangements to meet the child for the first time which he was planning for later on this month when he got the devastating news about the horrific attack on the toddler. Adrian jumped into action and rushed to South Dakota. But the boy was on life support when he arrived and subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

TMZ reports that Adrian was key in making the decision to donate the baby’s organs.

Here we have a young man who was trying to do the right thing by stepping up to his responsibilities and the opportunity to bond with or even meet his young son was taken from him in some senseless attack that no one will ever really be able to understand. Again our thoughts and prayers are with the entire family and all those effected by this awful tragedy.


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