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Oprah Winfrey doesn’t hit the big 6-0 for another five months, but she’s already admitting that she’s not looking forward to the milestone.

During an interview with “The Today Show,” the media mogul said she;s not excited about her 60th birthday next January.

“You know, it’s the only age I’ve ever been that I had a … hiccup about, ’cause 60 is 60,” she said.

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When host Al Roker said 60 is the new 30, Winfrey quickly disagreed.

“I don’t think it’s the new 30, Al,” she said, laughing. “Uh uh. Uh uh.”

Although she’s not looking forward to blowing out six decades worth of candles, the OWN owner did say she will celebrate with a big party.

“I’ve never really had a proper party for myself,” she said. “And when I turn 60, I’m going do that.”

Check out the interview below, then click through the slides to find 7 of our favorite celebs who seem to be aging backwards.

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