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Bruce Lee, the kung fu phenom who’s legendary skills are laced throughout classic kung fu flicks has been celebrated for his abilities over the last 40 years since his passing.  However, According to the AP, Lee’s daughter hopes that more people make the effort to understand his teachings and life philosophy.

Marking his death 40 years ago Saturday, the Hong Kong government teamed up with the Bruce Lee Foundation to put together an exhibition to showcase the late star’s life, from his famous yellow tracksuit he wore in the movie “Game of Death,” to his writings and drawings.

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The exhibition entitled “Bruce Lee: Kung fu. Art. Life,” has more than 600 items on display, including photos, costumes, videos and even a 3.5-meter (3.8-yard) statue.

Lee, was born in San Francisco but raised in Hong Kong. He died at the height of his fame due to an allergic reaction to painkillers. Brue Lee was only  32 and has been gone longer than he was here on earth. Yet he is still revered world wide for his movies. The very last film he made was released just six days after he died. “Enter the Dragon,” would became his most popular movie ever.


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